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There are many facets to selling.  We teach sales professionals to quick wasting time selling to people that are unable to sign the check.  Those people we like to call VITOs, Very Important Top Officers.  They have the power to veto, approve, and push beyond their 'budgets'.  YES!!  We want to link arms with them so that we can Sell Smarter, Not Harder!

Time and time again we hear sales professionals describe what they sell in terms of facts, features and functions.  It's so common we call those 'F Words' (gasps)...what? Yep, and we don't want to use those.  Instead we want to talk to the Presidents, CEOs and Owners about how our products, services and solutions can benefit them. It's natural to want to know how it's (product/service/solution) going to benefit YOU (the person being sold to).  After all it makes sense, right?  When you understand how it's going to benefit you, you become more invested and more interested, right?

OKAY so how is Selling to VITO going to benefit YOU?

  • Get more appointments with people who are empowered to BUY
  • Start makes sales that are up to 65% bigger
  • Cut your sales cycle in half
  • Never be rejected again...by anyone
  • Start making the income and commission that you really deserve

You'll have everything you need including:

  • Your Elevator Pitch/Opening Statement
  • Voice Mail Messages
  • Personal Assistant/Gatekeeper tactics
  • First Call Objectives
  • How to Handle Objections
  • and so much more!

Together we will work together so you will NO LONGER be on an island by yourself.  At the end of the workshops, you'll be able to pick up the phone with confidence and an agenda that will move you swiftly through the sales process with ease!  FINALLY all your sales dreams are coming true!

your new and improved sales process!

VITO UNIVERSITY.  Three-part series for easy implementation and fast results. Every part of the VITO Selling process is tailored by Tony Parinello, to what you sell and the market you sell to. No more guess work! Get your Elevator Pitch/Telephone Opening Statement, Voice Mail Messages, and know exactly what to say to the Gatekeepers to build solid business rapport. You'll also get your VITO Presentation! Finally a concise and precise way to tell your story and capture and keep the attention of every 'C' Suite Executive in your sales funnel! Plus, you'll know how to handle objections and accomplish your first call objectives that will accelerate your entire sales process. It's all guaranteed to get a 'Tell Me More' response from VITO!  More Information Here

SALES TRAINING ON DEMAND.  Get six lessons sent directly to your inbox and learn more on these topics: Elevator Pitch, Prospecting For New Business, Stop Cold Calling Forever, Telephone Opening Statement,Golden Correspondence, and Gatekeepers & Voice Mail Messages.  $65  one time