About the AUTHOR. Michael is the author of 14 books including the international bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: 7 Steps to Genius Every Day.

About the INTERVIEW. Wes Schaeffer is the creator of 'The Sales Whisperer'.  The Sales Whisperer® is comprised of dedicated, tested, and proven inbound marketing, CRM, and sales experts.  He interviewed Tony Parinello on his $ales Podcast 'Anthony Parinello Shows You How To Reach The C-Suite To Sell More'.

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About the BOOK. The most powerful catalyst for inspiring creative breakthroughs, and for translating those breakthroughs into sustainable innovations, is to guide people to connect with one another first, before trying to solve a problem. When people connect, when they are simpatico, on the same wavelength, attuned, in rapport, they are much better at generating, and implementing, new ideas.