1.   Not enough qualified prospects

2.   Not enough marketing materials

3.   Too many non-selling tasks

4.   Not enough installed accounts

5.   Can't get access to decision-makers

"In the last 30 days I've added $110,500 of new business to my pipeline following the principles Tony taught me!"    -Peter T.  Rhode Island

How Many Of These Problems Can You Relate To?

 You'll quit wasting time selling to people that are unable to sign the check.  Instead, you'll link arms with Presidents, CEOs, Owners and other 'C' Suite Executives (VITOs).  They have the power to veto, approve, and push beyond their 'budgets'. 

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6.   Not enough return calls

7.   Being blocked by gatekeepers

8.   First sale too small

9.   Sale cycles too long

10. Not enough referrals

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get returned calls


instead of hUng up ON

How much is it costing you to call on people that can't sign the checks that close your sale?

How many prospects are you losing because you present your company instead of how your product/service/solution can benefit your prospect?

What are the titles of the people you are trying to sell to?

Would you like to cut your sales cycle in half?

Tony Parinello, the creator and author of Selling to VITO, is the ONLY sales expert that will work directly with you to tailor an Opening Statement/Elevator Pitch, Voice Mail Messages, and what to say (and not to say) to the Gatekeeper/Executive Assistants that will get you return calls and appointments in what we call VITO University!